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WANG Zhengduo (王正铎) 1,ZHU Huiqin (朱惠钦) 1,YANG Lizhen (杨丽珍) 1,et al.
Plasma Modified Polypropylene Membranes as the Lithium-Ion Battery Separators
[Abstract] ( 263 ) [PDF 6547 KB] ( 565 )
LI Gongshun (李恭顺) 1,2,YANG Yao (杨曜) 2,LIU Haiqing (刘海庆) 2,et al.
            DOI: 10.1088/1009-0630/18/x/x
Bench Test of the Vibration Compensation Interferometer for EAST Tokamak
[Abstract] ( 252 ) [PDF 4975 KB] ( 596 )
CHENG Anyi (成安义), ZHANG Qiyong (张启勇), FU Bao (付豹), et al.
Process Design of Cryogenic Distribution System for CFETR CS Model Coil
[Abstract] ( 299 ) [PDF 3894 KB] ( 510 )
Xiaoyu DONG (董晓宇), Tingting LIU (刘婷婷), Yuqin XIONG (熊玉琴)
A novel approach to regulate cell membrane permeability for ATP and NADH formations in Saccharomyces cerevisiae induced by air cold plasma
[Abstract] ( 158 ) [PDF 1554 KB] ( 347 )
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