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Measurement of impurity lines with two- crystal x-ray spectrometers on EAST
Xinshuai YANG (杨新帅) 1, Ruiji HU (胡睿佶) 2, Jun CHEN (陈俊) 2, et al.
Plasma Sci. Technol.    2018, 20(12): 124001; doi: 10.1088/2058-6272/aad177
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To simultaneously measure the He-like and H-like argon spectra, a two-crystal assembly has been deployed to replace the previous single crystal on the tangential x-ray crystal spectrometer. By selecting appropriate crystals with similar Bragg angles, plasma temperature in the range of 0.5 keV ≦ Te ≦ 10 keV and rotation can be diagnosed based on the He-like and H-like argon spectra. However, due to the added complexity in the two-crystal assembly in which the spectra might be diffracted by two crystals, some additional impurity lines were identified. For example, tungsten (W) lines in different ionization states were diffracted by the He-like and H-like crystal. Additional molybdenum (Mo) lines in the wavelength range of He-like and H-like argon spectra lines were also summarized. The existence of these additional lines caused the fitted temperature to be different from the true values. This paper presents the identified lines through a comparison with available database, which should be included in the fitting procedure.