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30 Most Down Articles
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1 Molecular Dynamics Study on the Diffusion Properties of Hydrogen Atoms in Bulk Tungsten 2013 Vol.15(7):710-715
YU Xingang (余新刚),GOU Fujun (苟富均) [Abstract] (301) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 10814 KB] (10428)
2 Electromagnetic Particle-in-Cell Simulations of Electron Holes Formed During the Electron Two-Stream Instability 2013 Vol.15(1):17-24
WU Mingyu (吴明雨), LU Quanming (陆全明), ZHU Jie (朱洁),WANG Peiran (王沛然), WANG Shui (王水) [Abstract] (404) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 28766 KB] (7176)
3 Dry Etching Characteristics of Amorphous Indium-Gallium-Zinc-Oxide Thin Films 2012 Vol.14(10):915-918
ZHENG Yanbin1(郑艳彬), LI Guang1(李光), WANG Wenlong1(王文龙),LI Xiuchang1(李秀昌),JIANG Zhigang2(姜志刚), [Abstract] (618) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 4031 KB] (4800)
4 Effect of Cold Plasma Treatment on Seed Germination and Growth of Wheat 2014 Vol.16(1):54-58
JIANG Jiafeng(蒋佳峰), HE Xin(何昕) , LI Ling(李玲) , LI Jiangang(李建刚) , SHAO Hanliang(邵汉良) , XU Qilai(徐启来) , YE Renhong(叶仁宏) , DONG Yuanhua(董元华) [Abstract] (455) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 222 KB] (4748)
5 Sterilization of Staphylococcus Aureus by an Atmospheric Non-Thermal Plasma Jet 2013 Vol.15(5):439-442
LIU Xiaohu (刘小虎), HONG Feng (洪枫), GUO Ying (郭颖),ZHANG Jing (张菁), SHI Jianjun (石建军) [Abstract] (215) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 8560 KB] (3332)
6 Electron Density and Optical Emission Measurements of SF6/O2 Plasmas for Silicon Etch Processes 2012 Vol.14(4):316-320
M. M. MORSHED, S. M. DANIELS [Abstract] (591) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1482 KB] (2840)
7 Standardization of tritium water by TDCR method 2012 Vol.14(7):644-646
WU Yongle1,2 (吴永乐) , LIANG Juncheng3 (梁珺成) , LIU Jiacheng3(柳加成),XIONG Wenjun1(熊文俊), YAO Shunhe1(姚顺和), GUO Xiaoqing1(郭晓清),CHEN Xilin1(陈细林), YANG Yuandi3(杨元第), YUAN Daqing1(袁大庆) [Abstract] (430) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 336 KB] (2714)
8 Water Content Effect on Oxides Yield in Gas and Liquid Phase Using DBD Arrays in Mist Spray 2016 Vol.18(1):41-50
CHEN Bingyan (陈秉岩)1,2,3,4, ZHU Changping (朱昌平)3,5,FEI Juntao (费峻涛)4,5, et al. [Abstract] (462) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1784 KB] (2636)
9 Feature Scale Simulation of PECVD of SiO 2 in SiH 4 /N 2 O Mixture 2014 Vol.16(4):385-389
LIU Xuan(刘璇), GE Jie(葛婕), YANG Yi(杨轶), SONG Yixu(宋亦旭), REN Tianling(任天令) [Abstract] (48) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1576 KB] (2415)
10 The Calculation of Prompt Fission Neutron from 233U(n, f) Reaction by Multi-Modal Los Alamos Model 2012 Vol.14(6):521-525
ZHENG Na (郑娜),ZHONG Chunlai (钟春来), FAN Tieshuan(樊铁栓) [Abstract] (542) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 6009 KB] (2341)
11 Characteristics of a Normal Glow Discharge Excited by DC Voltage in Atmospheric Pressure Air 2013 Vol.15(11):1149-1153
LI Xuechen (李雪辰),ZHAO Huanhuan (赵欢欢),JIA Pengying (贾鹏英) [Abstract] (197) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 4308 KB] (2220)
12 Carbon Dioxide Reforming of Methane to Syngas by Thermal Plasma 2012 Vol.14(3):252-256
SUN Yanpeng(孙艳朋), NIE Yong(聂勇), WU Angshan(吴昂山), JI Dengxiang(姬登祥), YU Fengwen(于凤文), JI Jianbing(计建炳 [Abstract] (709) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 274 KB] (2192)
13 Calculation of the Critical Speed and Stability Analysis of Cryogenic Turboexpanders with Different Structures 2012 Vol.14(10):919-926
CHEN Shuangtao (陈双涛), ZHAO Hongli (赵红利), MA Bin(马斌), HOU Yu, (侯予) [Abstract] (353) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 3126 KB] (2164)
14 Linear Plasma Sources for Large Area Film Deposition: A Brief Review 2014 Vol.16(4):356-362
WEI Yu(魏钰), ZUO Xiao(左潇), CHEN Longwei(陈龙威), MENG Yuedong(孟月东), FANG Shidong(方世东), SHEN Jie(沈洁), SHU Xingsheng(舒兴胜) [Abstract] (64) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1105 KB] (2143)
15 Simulation Study of Quantitative X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Ore Slurry Using Partial Least-Squares Regression 2012 Vol.14(5):427-430
LIN Caishou(林才寿)1,2, MAO Li(毛莉)1, HUANG Ning(黄宁)1, AN Zhu(安竹)1 [Abstract] (587) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 2759 KB] (2095)
16 Atmospheric Pressure Radio Frequency Dielectric Barrier Discharges in Nitrogen/Argon 2013 Vol.15(9):871-874
LIU Zhongwei (刘忠伟), YANG Lizhen (杨丽珍), WANG Zhengduo (王正铎), et al. [Abstract] (159) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 6319 KB] (2072)
17 Decomposition of Nitrogen Trifluoride Using Low Power Arc Plasma 2013 Vol.15(9):923-927
Jee-Hun KO, Sooseok CHOI, Hyun-Woo PARK, and Dong-Wha PARK [Abstract] (171) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 4452 KB] (2066)
18 Conceptual Design of Neutral Beam Injection System for EAST 2012 Vol.14(6):567-572
HU Chundong(胡纯栋), NBI Team [Abstract] (590) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 8415 KB] (2035)
19 Ultra-Low Breakdown Voltage of Field Ionization in Atmospheric Air Based on Silicon Nanowires 2013 Vol.15(11):1081-1087
CHEN Yun (陈云),ZHANG Jian (张健) [Abstract] (158) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 10187 KB] (2031)
20 High Power RF Transmitters for ICRF Applications on EAST 2013 Vol.15(3):261-265
MAO Yuzhou (毛玉周), YUAN Shuai (袁帅), ZHAO Yanping (赵燕平),ZHANG Xinjun (张新军),CHEN Gen (陈根), R. KUMAZAW,CHENG Yan(程艳), WANG Lei (王磊), JU Songqing (琚松青)et al [Abstract] (191) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 5943 KB] (1958)
21 Numerical Simulation of the Eddy Current Effects in the Arc Splitting Process 2012 Vol.14(11):974-979
YANG Fei(杨飞), RONG Mingzhe(荣命哲), WU Yi(吴翊), SUN Hao(孙昊), MA Ruiguang(马瑞光), NIU Chunping(纽春萍) [Abstract] (373) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 5669 KB] (1952)
22 FDTD Simulation on Power Absorption of Terahertz Electromagnetic Waves in Dense Plasma 2012 Vol.14(1):5-8
XI Yanbin (奚衍斌), LIU Yue (刘悦) [Abstract] (601) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 2432 KB] (1944)
23 Test of a High Throughput Detector on the X-ray Crystal Spectrometer of the EAST 2013 Vol.15(2):97-100
LU Bo (吕波), SHI Yuejiang (石跃江), WANG Fudi (王福地),WAN Baonian (万宝年),Manfred BITTER, Kenneth W. HILL, Sang-gon LEE5, LI Yingying (李颖颖), FU Jia (符佳),ZHANG Jizong (张继宗)1, XU Jingcui (徐经翠), SHEN Yongcai [Abstract] (138) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 5022 KB] (1924)
24 Wavelength Dependence in the Analysis of Carbon Content in Coal by Nanosecond 266 nm and 1064 nm Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy 2015 Vol.17(8):621-624
LI Xiongwei (李雄威), WANG Zhe (王哲), FU Yangting (傅杨挺), et al. [Abstract] (203) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 9126 KB] (1916)
25 Discharge Characteristics of an Atmospheric Pressure Argon Plasma Jet Generated with Screw Ring-Ring Electrodes in Surface Dielectric Barrier Discharge 2013 Vol.15(8):780-786
HONG Yi (洪义),LU Na (鲁娜),PAN Jing (潘静),LI Jie (李杰),WU Yan (吴彦) [Abstract] (152) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 4393 KB] (1913)
26 Monte-Carlo Simulation of Response Functions for Natural Gamma-rays in LaBr3 Detector System with Complex Borehole Configurations 2012 Vol.14(6):481-487
WU Yongpeng1,2,3(吴永鹏), TANG Bin2,3(汤彬) [Abstract] (505) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 6836 KB] (1897)
27 The Voltage Distribution Characteristics of a Hybrid Circuit Breaker During High Current Interruption 2013 Vol.15(8):800-806
CHENG Xian (程显),DUAN Xiongying (段雄英), LIAO Minfu (廖敏夫),et al. [Abstract] (121) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 7358 KB] (1895)
28 Effect of Oxygen Plasma on Low Dielectric Constant HSQ (Hydrogensilsesquioxane) Films 2013 Vol.15(1):86-88
YUAN Qianghua (袁强华)1, YIN Guiqin (殷桂琴)1, NING Zhaoyuan (宁兆元)2 [Abstract] (182) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1209 KB] (1893)
29 Temperature Distribution and Heat Flux on the EAST Divertor Targets in H-Mode 2013 Vol.15(3):225-229
WANG Fumin (王福敏), GAN Kaifu (甘开福), GONG Xianzu (龚先祖), and EAST team [Abstract] (165) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 6672 KB] (1887)
30 Discharge Characteristics of SF6 in a Non-Uniform Electric Field Under Repetitive Nanosecond Pulses 2014 Vol.16(5):465-470
RAN Huijuan(冉慧娟), WANG Lei(王磊), WANG Jue(王珏), WANG Tao(王涛), YAN Ping(严萍) [Abstract] (54) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 9083 KB] (1883)
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