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30 Most Down Articles
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In last 3 years
1 Cold atmospheric-pressure air plasma treatment of C6 glioma cells: effects of reactive oxygen species in the medium produced by the plasma on cell death 2017 Vol.19(2):25503-025503
Yuyang WANG (汪宇扬)1, Cheng CHENG (程诚)2,4, Peng GAO (高鹏)1,et al. [Abstract] (310) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 535 KB] (925)
2 Laser-induced plasma electron number density: Stark broadening method versus the Saha–Boltzmann equation 2017 Vol.19(2):25403-025403
Arnab SARKAR and Manjeet SINGH [Abstract] (202) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1337 KB] (849)
3 Hydrogenation of zirconium film by implantation of hydrogen ions 2017 Vol.19(3):35502-035502
Yang LIU (刘洋)1, Kaihong FANG (方开洪)2, Huiyi LV (吕会议)1, et al. [Abstract] (181) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1003 KB] (845)
4 Steady and oscillatory plasma properties in the near-field plume of a hollow cathode 2018 Vol.20(2):24010-024010
Zun ZHANG (张尊)1, Kan XIE (谢侃)2, Jiting OUYANG (欧阳吉庭)1, et al. [Abstract] (74) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1617 KB] (822)
5 Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Real Air Plasma in Wide Range of Temperature and Pressure 2016 Vol.18(7):732-739
WANG Chunlin (王春林)1, WU Yi (吴翊)1, CHEN Zhexin (陈喆歆)1,et al. [Abstract] (276) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 413 KB] (789)
6 Spatiotemporal characteristics of nanosecond pulsed discharge in an extremely asymmetric electric field at atmospheric pressure 2017 Vol.19(6):64006-064006
Li ZHANG (张丽), Dezheng YANG (杨德正), Sen WANG (王森) and Wenchun WANG (王文春) [Abstract] (165) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 2616 KB] (772)
7 Preliminary Study of Thermal Treatment of Coke Wastewater Sludge Using Plasma Torch 2016 Vol.18(10):1020-1026
LI Mingshu (李铭书)1, LI Shengli (李胜利)1, SUN Demao (孙德茂)2, et al. [Abstract] (183) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 838 KB] (768)
8 Effects of gamma-ray irradiation on electronic and non-electronic equipment of Large Helical Device 2017 Vol.19(2):25601-025601
K OGAWA1,2, T NISHITANI1, M ISOBE1,2, et al. [Abstract] (136) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 508 KB] (767)
9 Effect of cylindrical cavity height on laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy with spatial confinement 2017 Vol.19(2):25506-025506
Junfeng SHAO (邵俊峰)1, Tingfeng WANG (王挺峰)1, Jin GUO (郭劲)1,et al. [Abstract] (150) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 755 KB] (760)
10 Realization of minute-long steady-state H-mode discharges on EAST 2017 Vol.19(3):32001-032001
Xianzu GONG (龚先祖) 1,Baonian WAN (万宝年) 1,Jiangang LI (李建刚) 1, et al. [Abstract] (260) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1063 KB] (754)
11 Numerical analysis of the static performance of an annular aerostatic gas thrust bearing applied in the cryogenic turbo-expander of the EAST subsystem 2017 Vol.19(2):25604-025604
Tianwei LAI (赖天伟)1, Bao FU (付豹)2, Shuangtao CHEN (陈双涛)1,et al. [Abstract] (198) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1276 KB] (750)
12 Experimental Study on Surface Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuator with Different Encapsulated Electrode Widths for Airflow Control at Atmospheric Pressure 2016 Vol.18(10):1005-1011
QI Xiaohua (齐晓华), YANG Liang (杨亮), YAN Huijie (闫慧杰), et al. [Abstract] (219) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 772 KB] (737)
13 The influence of grounded electrode positions on the evolution and characteristics of an atmospheric pressure argon plasma jet 2017 Vol.19(6):64001-064001
Bo ZHANG (张波), Ying ZHU (朱颖), Feng LIU (刘峰) and Zhi FANG (方志) [Abstract] (223) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 2318 KB] (730)
14 Modelling effect of magnetic field on material removal in dry electrical discharge machining 2017 Vol.19(2):25505-025505
Abhishek GUPTA and Suhas S JOSHI [Abstract] (163) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1143 KB] (729)
15 Preliminary Study of a Hybrid Helicon-ECR Plasma Source 2016 Vol.18(8):832-836
A. M. HALA1, L. OKSUZ2, ZHU Ximing3 [Abstract] (186) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 678 KB] (729)
16 Analytical study of seashell using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy 2017 Vol.19(2):25501-025501
Ying LI (李颖), Yanhong GU (谷艳红), Ying ZHANG (张莹), et al. [Abstract] (147) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 709 KB] (727)
17 Improving Seed Germination and Peanut Yields by Cold Plasma Treatment 2016 Vol.18(10):1027-1033
LI Ling (李玲)1,2, LI Jiangang (李建刚)1, SHEN Minchong (申民翀)1,2, et al. [Abstract] (270) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 738 KB] (722)
18 Electromagnetic Pulses Generated From Laser Target Interactions at Shenguang II Laser Facility 2016 Vol.18(10):1044-1048
YANG Jinwen (杨进文)1,2, LI Tingshuai (李廷帅)1, YI Tao (易涛)2,et al. [Abstract] (204) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 745 KB] (707)
19 Numerical Simulation of Stall Flow Control Using a DBD Plasma Actuator in Pulse Mode 2016 Vol.18(9):933-942
R. KHOSHKHOO, A. JAHANGIRIAN [Abstract] (190) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1614 KB] (706)
20 Prediction of DC Corona Onset Voltage for Rod-Plane Air Gaps by a Support Vector Machine 2016 Vol.18(10):998-1004
JIN Shuo (金硕)1, RUAN Jiangjun (阮江军)1, DU Zhiye (杜志叶)1, et al. [Abstract] (233) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 766 KB] (703)
21 The Calibration of High-Speed Camera Imaging System for ELMs Observation on EAST Tokamak 2016 Vol.18(9):884-889
FU Chao (付超) 1,ZHONG Fangchuan (钟方川) 1,2,HU Liqun (胡立群) 3,et al. [Abstract] (208) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 851 KB] (692)
22 Simulated and experimental studies on the array dielectric barrier discharge of water electrodes 2017 Vol.19(3):35402-035402
Lele WANG (王乐乐),XiutaoHUANG (黄修涛), Junfeng CHEN (陈俊峰), et al. [Abstract] (210) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1050 KB] (689)
23 Preliminary results of in situ laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for the first wall diagnostics on EAST 2017 Vol.19(2):25502-025502
Zhenhua HU (胡振华)1, Cong LI (李聪)2, Qingmei XIAO (肖青梅)2,et al. [Abstract] (226) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 947 KB] (685)
24 Parametric study on the characteristics of a SDBD actuator with a serrated electrode 2017 Vol.19(6):64010-064010
Guoqiang GAO (高国强), Kaisheng PENG (彭开晟), Lei DONG (董磊), Wenfu WEI (魏文赋)1 and Guangning WU (吴广宁) [Abstract] (173) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 2115 KB] (685)
25 Evolution of plasma parameters in an Ar–N2/ He inductive plasma source with magnetic pole enhancement 2017 Vol.19(2):25402-025402
Maria YOUNUS1, N U REHMAN2, M SHAFIQ1, et al. [Abstract] (160) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1182 KB] (684)
26 Thermal Dissipation Modelling and Design of ITER PF Converter Alternating Current Busbar 2016 Vol.18(10):1049-1054
GUO Bin (郭斌 )1, SONG Zhiquan (宋执权 )1, FU Peng (傅鹏 )1, et al. [Abstract] (220) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 299 KB] (682)
27 Nonlinear Simulations of Coalescence Instability Using a Flux Difference Splitting Method 2016 Vol.18(7):714-719
MA Jun (马骏)1, QIN Hong (秦宏)2,3, YU Zhi (于治)1, et al. [Abstract] (226) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 2008 KB] (680)
28 Understanding L–H transition in tokamak fusion plasmas 2017 Vol.19(3):33001-033001
Guosheng XU (徐国盛) and Xingquan WU (伍兴权) [Abstract] (240) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1906 KB] (677)
29 Influence of the axial magnetic field on sheath development after current zero in a vacuum circuit breaker 2017 Vol.19(6):64003-064003
Yi CHEN (陈毅), Fei YANG (杨飞), Hao SUN (孙昊), Yi WU (吴翊),Chunping NIU (纽春萍) and Mingzhe RONG (荣命哲) [Abstract] (162) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 652 KB] (677)
30 Thermal analysis on the EAST tungsten plasma facing components with shaping structure counteracting the misalignment issues 2017 Vol.19(2):25603-025603
Baoguo WANG (王保国)1,2, Dahuan ZHU (朱大焕)2, Rui DING (丁锐)2, et al. [Abstract] (183) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 819 KB] (676)
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