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2017’ the most influential papers of Plasma Science and Technology


Outstanding Award(1 article)

Effect of Cold Plasma Treatment on Seed Germination and Growth of Wheat

JIANG Jiafeng(蒋佳峰), HE Xin(何昕) , LI Ling(李玲) , LI Jiangang(李建刚) , SHAO Hanliang(邵汉良) , XU Qilai(徐启来) , YE Renhong(叶仁宏) , DONG Yuanhua(董元华)

Plasma Science and Technology 2014, 16(1): 54-58

Honorable Mention(5 articles)

Diagnostics of First Wall Materials in a Magnetically Confined Fusion Device by Polarization-Resolved Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

ZHAO Dongye(赵栋烨), FARID Nazar(纳扎), HAI Ran(海然), WU Ding(吴鼎), DING Hongbin(丁洪斌)

Plasma Science and Technology 2014, 16(2): 149-154

Density Profile and Fluctuation Measurements by Microwave Reflectometry on EAST

ZHANG Shoubiao(张寿彪), GAO Xiang(高翔), LING Bili(凌必利), WANG Yumin(王嵎民), ZHANG Tao(张涛), HAN Xiang(韩翔), LIU Zixi(刘子奚), BU Jingliang(布景亮), LI Jiangang(李建刚) , EAST team

Plasma Science and Technology 2014, 16(4): 311-315

Preliminary Design of a Helium-Cooled Ceramic Breeder Blanket for CFETR Based on the BIT Concept

MA Xuebin(马学斌) , LIU Songlin(刘松林) , LI Jia(李佳) , PU Yong(蒲勇) , CHEN Xiangcun(陈香存)

Plasma Science and Technology 2014, 16(4): 390-395

Ar+/Ar, O-2(+)/O-2 and N-2(+)/N-2 Elastic Momentum Collision Cross Sections: Calculation and Validation Using the Semi-Classical Model

Benyoucef Djilali; Yousfi Mohammed

Plasma Science and Technology 2014, 16(6): 588-592

Poly (Acrylamide-co-Acrylic Acid) Hydrogel Induced by Glow-Discharge Electrolysis Plasma and Its Adsorption Properties for Cationic Dyes

YU Jie(俞洁), YANG Gege(杨格格), PAN Yuanpei(潘元沛), LU Quanfang(陆泉芳), YANG Wu(杨武), GAO Jinzhang(高锦章)

Plasma Science and Technology 2014, 16(8): 767-776


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