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Electrical and Optical Characterization of Dielectric Barrier Discharge and Its Application to Plasma Treatment of Poly (ethylene terephtalate) (PET) Fibers
DIAO Ying, XU Jinzhou, HU Qianqian, ZHANG Jing, SHI Jianjun, GUO Ying
2011, 13(6): 641-644.
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Calibration Algorithm of Surface Charge Density on Insulating Materials Measured by Pockels Technique
MU Haibao, ZHANG Guanjun
2011, 13(6): 645-650.
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Experimental Study on Inactivation of Bacterial Endotoxin by Using Dielectric Barrier Discharge
SHI Xingmin, LI Yaxi, ZHANG Guanjun, MA Yue, SHAO Xianjun
2011, 13(6): 651-655.
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Influence of Surface Carburization of Machinable Ceramics on Its Pulsed Flashover Characteristics in Vacuum
ZHENG Nan, HUANG Xuezeng, MU Haibao, ZHANG Guanjun
2011, 13(6): 656-660.
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Effect of the Circuit and Wire Parameters on Exploding an Al Wire in Water
Zhou Qing, Zhang Qiaogen, Zhang Jun, Zhao Junping, Ren Baozhong, Pang Lei
2011, 13(6): 661-666.
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Discharge Properties of High-Power Pulsed Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering
MU Zongxin, LIU Shengguang, ZANG Hairong, WANG Chun, MU Xiaodong
2011, 13(6): 667-671.
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Experimental Research on Inhibition of Surface Flashover Based on High Power Gallium Arsenide Photoconductive Switches Triggered by Laser
XU Ming, SHI Wei, JJIANG Zenggong, WANG Shaoqiang, FU Zhanglong
2011, 13(6): 672-675.
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Study on the Microsecond Pulse Homogeneous Dielectric Barrier Discharges in Atmospheric Air and Its Influencing Factors
FANG Zhi, LEI Xiao, CAI Lingling, QIU Yuchang, Edmund KUFFEL
2011, 13(6): 676-681.
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PIC-MCC Simulation for HPM Multipactor Discharge on Dielectric Surface in Vacuum
HAO Xiwei, SONG Baipeng, ZHANG Guanjun
2011, 13(6): 682-688.
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Radial and Angular Resolved Langmuir Probe Diagnosis of a Pulsed Vacuum Arc Plasma
CHEN Lei, MA Mingwang, Li Ming, JIN Dazhi, TAN Xiaohua, DAI Jingyi, YANG Lin, HU Side
2011, 13(6): 689-692.
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Experimental Study on the Velocity and Efficiency Characteristics of a Serial Staged Needle Array-Mesh Type EHD Gas Pump
QIU Wei, XIA Lingzhi, YANG Lanjun, ZHANG Qiaogen, XIAO Lei, CHEN Li
2011, 13(6): 693-697.
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Explosive-Emission Plasma Dynamics in Ion Diode in Double-Pulse Mode
Alexander I. Pushkarev, Yulia I. Isakova
2011, 13(6): 698-701.
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The Main Plasma Chemical Process of Nitric Oxide Production by Arc Discharge
YANG Qi, HU Hui, CHEN Weipeng, XU jie, ZHANG Jinli, WU Shuang
2011, 13(6): 702-707.
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Simulational study on multi-pulse phenomena of atmospheric pressure argon dielectric barrier discharge
SHAO Xianjun, ZHANG Guanjun, KAWADA Masatake, MA Yue, LI Yaxi
2011, 13(6): 708-713.
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Effect of space charge on the propagation path of air gap discharge
HAO Lixia, WANG Wei, ZHAN Huamao, HAN Xiaohui, DENG Lihong
2011, 13(6): 714-718.
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Multichannel Discharge Characteristics of Gas Switch Gap in SF6-N2 or SF6-Ar Gas Mixtures under Nanosecond Triggering Pulses
CHANG Jiasen, WANG Hu, ZHANG Qiaogen, QIU Aici
2011, 13(6): 719-723.
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Numerical Study on Atmospheric Pressure DBD in Helium: Single-breakdown and Multi-breakdown Discharges
WANG Xiaohua, YANG Aijun, RONG Mingzhe, LIU Dingxing
2011, 13(6): 724-729.
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Numerical Simulation of Gas Flow during Arcing Process for 252kV Puffer Circuit Breakers
WU Junhui, WANG Xiaohua, MA Zhiying, RONG Mingzhe, YAN Jing
2011, 13(6): 730-734.
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Generation of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma by Repetitive Nanosecond Pulses in Air Using Water Electrodes
SHAO Tao, YU Yang, ZHANG Cheng, JIANG Hui, YAN Ping, ZHOU Yuanxiang
2011, 13(6): 735-739.
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Chaotic Characteristic of Time Series of Partial Discharge in Oil-Paper Insulation
LUO Yongfen, JI Haiying, HUANG Ping, LI Yanming
2011, 13(6): 740-746.
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Fiber-Optically Triggered Four Parallel GaAs Photoconductive Semiconductor Switches
SHI Wei, XUE Hong, LI Ning, CHEN Suguo, DAI Ruijuan
2011, 13(6): 747-750.
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Design and Performance of a Novel Pancake Rogowski Coil for Measuring Pulse Currents
WANG Chunjie, JI Shengchang, NIE Jiyu, OU Xiaobo, HAN Zhongjian, ZHANG Qiaogen
2011, 13(6): 751-756.
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R&D on Resistive Heat Exchangers for HTS High Rated Current Leads
BI Yanfang
2011, 13(6): 757-764.
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Optimization of Heat-Sink Cooling Structure in EAST with Hydraulic Expansion Technique
XU Tiejun, HUANG Shenghong, XIE Han, SONG Yuntao, ZHAN Ping, GAO Daming
2011, 13(6): 765-768.
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