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Operation with 1 MA plasma current in EAST
QIAN Jinping, GONG Xianzu, LI Jiangang, WAN Baonian, LING Bili, SHEN Biao, TI Ang, Guoqiang
2011, 13(1): 1-2.
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Propagation of Intense Femtosecond Laser Pulses in Deuterated Methane and Deuterium Cluster Jets
ZHOU Zili, LIU Jiansheng, LU Haiyang, JU Jingjing, WANG Cheng, XIA Changquan, WANG Wentao, DENG Aihua, XU Yi, LENG Yuxin
2011, 13(1): 3-10.
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Dust Charging and Dynamics in Tokamaks
Yukihiro TOMITA, Gakushi KAWAMURA, HUANG Zhihui, PAN Yudong, YAN Longwen
2011, 13(1): 11-14.
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Analytical Theory of the Geodesic Acoustic Mode in the Small and Large Orbit Drift Width Limits and its Application in a Study of Plasma Shaping Effect
2011, 13(1): 15-20.
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Recent Progress in Plasma Control Studies on the Improvement of Plasma Performance in Heliotron J
Tohru MIZUUCHI, Kazunobu NAGASAKI, Hiroyuki OKADA, Shinji KOBAYASHI, Satoshi YAMAMOTO, Takashi MINAMI, Shinsuke OHSHIMA, Masaki TAKEUCHI, Kiyofumi MUKAI, Hyunyong LEE, Linge ZANG, Kohta NOMURA, et al.
2011, 13(1): 21-25.
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Simulation of ECR Startup and Comparison with Experimental Observations in SUNIST
TAN Yi, GAO Zhe, WANG Long
2011, 13(1): 30-35.
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Space-Resolved Spectrum Diagnose by Soft X-Ray Transmission Grating Spectrometer
SHANG Wanli, ZHAO Yang, XIONG Gang, YANG Jiamin, ZHU Tuo
2011, 13(1): 36-39.
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Effects of Electron-Ion Collisions on Stimulated Raman Backward Scattering Under Different Electron Densities
XIANG Jiang, LIU Zhanjun, ZHENG Chunyang
2011, 13(1): 40-43.
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Non-Uniformity of Heavy-Ion Beam Irradiation on a Direct-Driven Pellet in Inertial Confinement Fusion
2011, 13(1): 44-49.
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Study of Characteristics of the Radio-Frequency Sheath over a Substrate with a Circular Trench
DAI Zhongling, HAO Meilan, WANG Younian
2011, 13(1): 50-54.
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Structure and Tribological Properties of CrTiAlN Coatings Deposited by Multi-Arc Ion Plating
TIAN Canxin, YANG Bing, HE Jun, WANG Hongjun, WANG Zesong, WANG Guangfu, FU Dejun
2011, 13(1): 55-60.
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Plasma Uniformity in a Dual Frequency Capacitively Coupled Plasma Reactor Measured by Optical Emission Spectroscopy
ZHAO Guoli, XU Yong, SHANG Jianping, LIU Wenyao, ZHU Aimin, WANG Younian
2011, 13(1): 61-67.
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Measurement of Ion Parameters by Ion Sensitive Probe in ECR Plasma
TAN Bisong, MA Zhibin, SHEN Wulin, WU Zhenhui, CAO Hong, WANG Jianhua
2011, 13(1): 68-72.
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Two-Phase Flow Regimes and Discharge Characteristics of a Plasma Electrohydrodynamic Atomization
2011, 13(1): 73-76.
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A Green Process for High-Concentration Ethylene and Hydrogen Production from Methane in a Plasma-Followed-by-Catalyst Reactor
WANG Kangjun, LI Xiaosong, ZHU Aimin
2011, 13(1): 77-81.
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Study of Pulsed Plasma in a Crossed Flow Dielectric Barrier Discharge Reactor for Improvement of NOx Removal in Raw Diesel Engine Exhaust
Sankarsan Mohapatro, B S Rajanikanth
2011, 13(1): 82-87.
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Graft Polymerization of Acrylic Acid on a Polytetrafluoroethylene Panel by an Inductively Coupled Plasma
LAN Yan, YOU Qingliang, CHENG Cheng, ZHANG Suzhen, NI Guohua, M. NAGATSU, MENG Yuedong
2011, 13(1): 88-92.
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Efficacy of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma as an Antibacterial Agent Against Enterococcus Faecalis in Vitro
CAO Yingguang, YANG Ping, LU Xinpei, XIONG Zilan, YE Tao, XIONG Qing, SUN Ziyong
2011, 13(1): 93-98.
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The Effect of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Corona Discharge on pH, Lipid Content and DNA of Bacterial Cells
2011, 13(1): 99-105.
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Test and Analysis of China's First Short Conductor Sample for ITER Toroidal Field Coils
2011, 13(1): 106-110.
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Characteristic Analysis of AC Plasma Arc in Water
ZHOU Enping, YANG Jiaxiang, MA Fenglian
2011, 13(1): 111-114.
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A Design Model of Core Snubber for EAST NBI
CAO Liang, LI Ge, WANG Haitian
2011, 13(1): 115-120.
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Experimental Study of Reversely Switched Dynistor Discharge Based on Gap Breakdown Load
SHANG Chao, LIANG Lin, YU Yuehui, WU Yongjun, LI Hailiang
2011, 13(1): 121-124.
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Present Status of the EAST Diagnostics
HU Liqun, on behalf of EAST diagnostic team, collaborators
2011, 13(1): 125-128.
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