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Bohm criterion for collisionless sheaths in two-ion-species plasmas
XIANG Nong, HU Yemin, OU Jing
2011, 13(4): 385-391.
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Some New Band Characteristics in One-Dimensional Plasma Dielectric Photonic Crystals
Laxmi Shiveshwari
2011, 13(4): 392-396.
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A Dip Structure in the Intrinsic Toroidal Rotation Near the Edge of the Ohmic Plasmas in EAST
XU Guosheng, V. NAULIN, WAN Baonian, GUO Houyang, ZHANG Wei
2011, 13(4): 397-404.
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Measurement of the electron Bernstein wave emission with one of the power transmission lines for ECH in LHD
2011, 13(4): 405-409.
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Observation of Blobs and Holes in the Boundary Plasma of EAST Tokamak
YAN Ning, XU Guosheng, ZHANG Wei, CHANG Jiafeng, WANG Liang, LIU Shaocheng, LIU pen
2011, 13(4): 410-414.
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Asphericalizing the Light Collection Mirror for the 200-Point Thomson Scattering Diagnostic Installed on the Large Helical Device
Kazumichi NARIHARA, Hiroshi HAYASHI
2011, 13(4): 415-419.
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Investigation of Some MHD Events in the SUNIST Spherical Tokamak
ZENG Long, GAO Zhe, TAN Yi, WANG Wenhao, XIE Huiqiao, XIE Lifeng, FENG Chunhua
2011, 13(4): 420-423.
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MHD Equilibrium Configuration Reconstructions for HL-2A Tokamak
HE Zhixiong, DONG Jiaqi, HE Hongda, JIANG Haibin, GAO Zhe, ZHANG Jinhua
2011, 13(4): 424-430.
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Estimation of Neutral Density in Edge Plasma with Double Null Configuration in EAST
ZHANG Ling, XU Guosheng, DING Siye, GAO Wei, WU Zhenwei, CHEN Yingjie, HUANG Juan
2011, 13(4): 431-434.
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Study of Scrape-Off-Layer Width in Ohmic and Lower Hybrid Wave Heated Double-Null Divertor Plasma in EAST
WANG Liang, XU Guosheng, CHANG Jiafeng, ZHANG Wei, YAN Ning, DING Siye....
2011, 13(4): 435-439.
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A Three-Dimensional Ray Tracing Study on Whistler-Mode Chorus During Geomagnetic Activities
ZHOU Qinghua, SHI Jiankui, XIAO Fuliang
2011, 13(4): 440-445.
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Numerical Simulation of Ionospheric Electron Concentration Depletion by Rocket Exhaust
HUANG Yong, SHI Jiaming, YUAN Zhongcai
2011, 13(4): 446-450.
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Continuous Emission Spectrum Measurement for Electron Temperature Determination in Low-Temperature Collisional Plasmas
LIU Qiuyan, LI Hong, CHEN Zhipeng, XIE Jinlin, LIU Wandong
2011, 13(4): 451-457.
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Measurement of the O2 Dissociation Fraction in RF Low Pressure O2/Ar Plasma Using Optical Emission Spectrometry
LIU Zhongwei, LI Sen, CHEN Qiang, YANG Lizhen, WANG Zhengduo
2011, 13(4): 458-461.
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Simulation of vacuum arc characteristics under four kinds of axial magnetic fields and comparison with experimental results
ZHANG Ling, JIA Shenli, WANG Lijun, SHI Zongqian
2011, 13(4): 462-469.
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Optical Emission Spectroscopic Measurement of Hydroxyl Radicals in Air Discharge with Atomized Water
SUN Ming, CHEN Weigang, ZHANG Ying
2011, 13(4): 470-473.
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Effect of Spraying Parameters on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Micro-Plasma Sprayed Alumina-Titania Coatings
LIU Gu, WANG Liuying, CHEN Guiming, HUA Shaochun, ZHU Erlei
2011, 13(4): 474-479.
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Characterization of Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV) Radiation for the Development of a Fluorescent Lamp
2011, 13(4): 480-485.
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Determination of Aluminum in Nickel-based Superalloys by Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
ZHU Dehua, WANG Xi, NI Xiaowu, CHEN Jianping, LU Jian
2011, 13(4): 486-489.
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Simulation Analysis of Transmission-Line Impedance Transformers for Petawatt-Class Pulsed Power Accelerators
HU Yixiang, SUN Fengju, HUANG Tao, QIU Ai’ci, CONG Peitian, WANG Liangping...
2011, 13(4): 490-496.
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An Improvement on Current Sharing Characteristics of Poloidal Field (PF) AC-DC Converters
CHEN Peng, FU Peng, SONG Zhiquan
2011, 13(4): 497-501.
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Calculation of Beam Intensity Distribution for the Neutral Beam Injection in EAST
LIANG Lizhen, HU Chundong, XIE Yuanlai, GUO Qiang, XIE Yahong
2011, 13(4): 502-505.
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Dynamic Stability Study of Static Gas Bearing for Small Cryogenic Turbo-Expander
WANG Xuemin, ZHUANG Ming, ZHANG Qiyong, LI Shanshan, FU Bao
2011, 13(4): 506-512.
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